A friend of mine that is not connected with physics at all once wondered what I were doing at neutron reactor. That is why she asked me a simple question: “How will your work save the world?”

When you are deep inside of your work, physicists, chemists, biologists sometimes forget about that big beautiful aim of everything what we are doing here. Science is not only for your own development, your own interest: it is the way to make the world around better, it is an instrument for doing something great.

So, how am I going to save the world? You won’t believe, with water. One of the types of alternative energetics is hydrogen economy, which is important from the point of ecology at least. My work is about materials that can be used as hydrogen storage that can be safe and energy-dense on board of vehicle. So why am I talking about water and not about hydrogen? The thing is that molecular hydrogen is not available on Earth, most hydrogen is bounded to oxygen in water, and you need to decompose the water to get hydrogen. The hydrogen production is another topic for discussion.

And how are you going to save the world?

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  1. nice post and spirit to share the responsibility of this planet. Can you tell more about your project for storing the hydrogen?

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