We often talk about heart and lung health, etc. but we seldom talk about brain health which is undeniably central to all our health. The brain is like any other organ. During our Mental Health Awareness month we actually talk a lot about stress. Stress is often portrayed as having only relatively short lasting psychological impacts, but it also alters the biochemistry happening in your body and especially your brain and therefore actually having also long lasting physiological impacts. So, if you properly take care of it, you will reap the most fulfilling benefits. As the renounced neuroscientist Dr. Daniel Amen [10] said:  When yourRead More →

Many colleagues are currently working in their home offices. During the corona break we shift the “floor conversations” into the digital world. Today we ask Ivona Kafedjiska. She is a doctoral researcher at PVcomB. She works on tandem solar cells in the HySPRINT laboratory and in the CISSY-Lab. She is also one of the doctoral representatives (speakers for) of the HZB PhD network. How do you spend your day? Right now I am in the kitchen doing this Skype interview. But actually I work at my desk in the bedroom. In the evening I read or do some art, but we also often do puzzles,Read More →