Erika Zaiser is working on her doctoral thesis on superalloys at HZB. She studied in Berlin and Tomsk, Russia, and graduated from TU Berlin with a double Master’s degree in physical engineering. She did her Master’s thesis at HZB, and her supervisor at the time, Dr Florian Vogel, is now also supervising her doctorate. However, he now lives in China. In the interview, I asked Erika how such a doctorate over distance is possible. At the end of the interview, Florian also joined in.Read More →

We often talk about heart and lung health, etc. but we seldom talk about brain health which is undeniably central to all our health. The brain is like any other organ. During our Mental Health Awareness month we actually talk a lot about stress. Stress is often portrayed as having only relatively short lasting psychological impacts, but it also alters the biochemistry happening in your body and especially your brain and therefore actually having also long lasting physiological impacts. So, if you properly take care of it, you will reap the most fulfilling benefits. As the renounced neuroscientist Dr. Daniel Amen [10] said:  When yourRead More →