The story began from southern Jordan, specifically from my home city “ Al-Karak ”, where I am actually living and studying. It takes about one hour and 30 minutes to reach the Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) by car. The challenges began as I reached the check point inside the airport, maybe because it was my first flight alone outside Jordan. Also, the fact that not all the people in Germany speaks English made me a bit afraid. after four hours and twenty minutes, one of my childhood dreams came true, I am in Germany guys! Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, and Opel home country! as I got outside the airport, a taxi driver helped me carrying my things, actually he was a Jordanian! he recognize me that I am one of the Jordanian singers that work with Kalamesque band. During the way to Schlachtensee, He told me a lot of things about Germany and that I will enjoy here.

In my first day, I met one of the sweetest people in the earth “ Ines “ and she is the first German person that I met! She gave me a wonderful First impression about German people. Actually she helped me a lot in my first days here in Berlin. She taught me how to buy things from the stores and how to use the transportation system. Also, she helped me to know a lot people in the studentendorf, so in less than 3 weeks it looks like I am her since 5 months. Such a great person!.

I introduced myself as a Jordanian singer to the people in the studentendorf. I played some Arabic music to them, and actually I am surprised! they like it! and actually I am always singing with my friends every night and everywhere! I will share a link of my first official song, so you can listen to the type of music I play.

I went to a lot of beautiful places her in Berlin, Wannsee lake was the first place that I went to, such a beautiful place. I go there every evening to watch the sunset with my colleague Hatem. Also, I went also to the ancient places in Potsdam, such a great views and arts!




I met a lot of great people in the HZB, actually all the people here are sweet, kind, and give you help when you need it. it was not only a Scientific Institute for me, I felt home because of them. Thank you guys for making this experience a good one! I will miss every single moment here. I hope I will come back her for my PhD.



  1. I will miss you too, Basaam! 🙂

  2. Ya sure Ibbi , wannsee lake is one of the best places for relaxing
    I hope you enjoyed listening to my music

  3. I felt the same when I came to Berlin. I am glad you have brought your musical talents to HZB and that you found some of the secret sunset spots around Wannsee, it’s been a good summer to enjoy them. Sometimes when you have been in the lab all day, it’s nice to know you can relax outside after.

  4. your voice and delivery are so sweet. keep it up Bassam

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