1. What a wonderful job! Hope your work will become application soon!

  2. love your story as much as I love your amazing work…looking forward to more to come…science needs creative ideas, and such ideas are definitely come from beautiful minds like you?

  3. Nice work! I really like your works and working style. Colorful research with colorful you. Enjoy your colorful life in science.

  4. What’s a nice work!

  5. Brilliant work, like a girl’s dream come true! Keep going and let children find their dreams in your work.

  6. well done! Everything start with naive childhood dream , and grow into something magnificent, so proud of you!

  7. Brilliant !I’m shocked by your talant !

    1. Hahaha.Tks for your admiration!

  8. It’s really interesting! Why is science so interesting
    I think it brings us closer to our dreams. Success or failure makes sense One day you will be rewarded
    Come on “Jiaoyi” !

    1. Yeah.I can’t agree more that success or failure both make sense! I’ll keep on going. Thanks for your encouragement!

  9. After watching it, I felt excellent. You need a research heart for everything you do. My generation is unkengweng people, model!

    1. Tks for your encouragement!

    1. WOW! It looks great and intresting! Good job! Fighting~

  10. What a cute idea and wish you good luck

  11. very interesting and inspiring!

  12. FANCY job. Good expression of our deep love in science!

  13. respect you! skr

    1. Tks!you are also respectable person!

  14. I got to say you really did a interesting and meaningful job! Congratulations! It is always happy to use scientific skills to fullfil your little dreams. I am looking forward to seeing you make a big progress in electrochromic.Best wishes.

    1. Tks! Looking forward to seeing your breakthrough at your research field too!

  15. This looks awesome! Could it be used in smart windows, which can change its color to save energy?

    1. You are so smart.! Actually the most potential application of electrochromic is smart window, recently some inorganic electrochromic materials have been commercialized,and our group is trying our best to make organic electrochromic materials commercialize.Hope that day will come soon!

  16. Amazing

  17. Great work and so lovely! I will learn from you! For our young scientists, making difference should be our dreams and we should try for it.

    1. Yeah, keep on trying and enjoying the process will give us enough strength to make a difference…I think.

  18. Marvelous experiment ! Looking forward to practical application.

    1. Tks. This is our common aspiration to make electrochromic materials commercializd.

  19. Wow! Amazing work!!? Science can be very interesting!

    1. Tks. Enjoy your science! It’s also full of challenges and chances~

  20. It’s such a good example to introduce science to unprofessional audience. Young people can enjoy science better in this way

    1. Tks! I’m so glad that you like it~

  21. Good job,it will be very useful in future‘s life

  22. Such an excellent study. Looking forward to see more blog like this.

    1. Tks! Looking forward to seeing your research findings one day!

  23. Good job. Looking forward to future results!

    1. Tks for your encouragement!

  24. Interesting story and good job!

  25. Terrific work! Looking forward to your further research.

    1. Tks for your encouragement!

  26. Interesting words!Wanna see more.

  27. It’s amazing to find the beauty from science and step further with them.

    1. Tks! Let’s work together to create more beauty.

  28. Nice work indeed! And can’t agree more that science comes from interest! May you find more happiness in scientific adventure in the future~

    1. Tks! I’m impressed by your comments! Looking forward to your breakthrough in computation field.

  29. What an excellent job!

  30. Such an excellent study. Looking forward to see more blog like this.

    1. Tks for your encouragement!

  31. Wonderful! Looking forward to further work!

  32. it’s good.i really want to know what will be happend

  33. it is an amazing work made to show the combination between science and art. Through this project, it is reasonable that the electrochromic could engage in human’s daliy life which make the future more colorful

    1. Tks! Let’s work together to make electrochromic commercializd.

  34. Nice story, charming work, and colorful experience!

    1. Tks! You are the person who lead me to this colorful electrochromic research field. Tks a lot!

  35. The electrochromic polymers with several different colors are so amazing! Hope more colors in the future~ Good luck and fighting!!!

    1. Tks for your encouragement❤

  36. A nice show combine science and life!

  37. Are there three kinds of EC materials? Seems like tiny differences ~~LOL But the change of “H” is really obvious.

  38. It’s a great to change the color of the electrochromism

  39. Wow! So interesting to find HZB mark under the reaction of electrochromism with different color! Nice…

  40. Lovely! What a nice idea to visualize your research by writing HZB on a substrate with different “inks” made by electrochromic materials. Thank you very much!

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