Hard it may be to believe, but the world seen utterly different from two sides: the world of chemistry.


Argentine and German chemistry. Since I was a child, I have been interested in chemistry, without even knowing what it was, how everything we touch, everything we see, everything we feel could be explained. That led me to insert myself into its study. In today’s world, on alert the planet, renewable energies arose, and something I had to do, join my passion and my commitment to everything that made me study chemistry: simply the world.


As I said, chemistry is everywhere. But that’s why it’s also in the simplest details, even in life in the laboratory. From the lab coat to the way you take off your gloves are different. And personally, that made me learn a lot. Now I work with different polymers, their varied colors and textures tell me: “They really are new emotions, look where we are”.


Since I started university I was a scholarship, I studied thanks to national and provincial scholarships. And shortly after starting to investigate in the world of organic solar cells, this door opened. This scholarship program is an incredible opportunity for those who are far away, we never go out into the world, we never know other cultures, other ways of seeing the world, we cannot learn “different details”, we have nothing to compare, and the most interesting: another way of feeling science.

But… Who would think that polymers would make me cross the ocean?


I learned about chemistry, new theories and emotions. I learned the irony of being away from home and at the same time feeling closer to everything I love. I learned that much remains to be discovered, and that after all we are nothing but particles immersed in its world. We cannot predict where we will be if we know precisely how we are, and we cannot predict how we will be, if we know where we are. So, Heisenberg I am in your hands, we will know the world.









  1. Thank you for sharing these thoughts with us.

  2. Yes. Chemistry is everywhere.

  3. Very good post! I wish you the best in your career as a chemist 🙂

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