This year’s Summer Student Program have just began and it’s already being one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had since I chose to make of science my life path. Since the first day you could sense a great mood and an incredible disposition on the students part and also on the program’s organizers. The days have pass and the disposition and the good mood are still evident. Speaking for me now, I’m a Cuban student and this is the first time I leave my country; but, is there a better reason for a scientist to do it other than to meet great people and learn how science is made on the first world?…I don’t think so.

I started working on my project since day one. The title is Commissioning and measurements of the solenoid, transverse deflecting cavity and spectrometer dipole of  bERLinPro. We are mostly reproducing some experiments that were made on the bERLinPro pre-injector earlier this year with a simulation software name ASTRA (A Space Charge Tracking Algorithm) developed some years ago at another accelerator facilities, DESY, Hamburg. We are doing it to check that the accelerator behaves as it should, and so we compare the theoretical results of some controlled simulation with a similar experiment done at the accelerator and look for discrepancies.

Fig 1: Several samples of experimental data
Fig 2: Theoretical space distribution in a frontal  view




Fig 3: Single sample of experimental data






But we are also interested in studying a very interesting process that take place at the emission cathode named the Schottky Effect wish modifies the emission process. But, since is my first time in Germany, or out of my country at all, not everything can be work. I’ve been able to go to many beautiful interesting places in this two weeks, including the interior of the accelerator at BESSY. So that’s  what I’ve been doing this days and I really hope that the next few weeks are as exciting as this ones.

Ring’s interior at BESSY
View of the Fernsehturm tower and the Evangelic Church St. Marienkirche.
Me working at Adlershof.

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  1. Dear Karel,
    what a nice post! You explain very well what you are doing at BESSY II! That is excellent. And I like it too that you tell us a bit about your background and your first impressions. I wish you more good experiences, in and out of the workplace. Have a wonderful summer!

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