Hello! I am Olga. Or you can call me Olya. I’m a summer student, but you have probably already noticed that. You may also know that under the summer program, we should write a blog post telling about our research or working process in the lab. And here we are.
I don’t want to bore you with it. So let’s turn this task into a little game. I hope you enjoy it. Good luck!

Everyone, this is Blahblah (the most common name, definitely). Or you can call him Blah. Blahblah is fond of photography, playing drums and watching documentaries on Netflix.

Blahblah studies PR and social relations at university and this semester is a complete disaster. He is desperately busy with his hobbies, that is why to complete all the necessary tasks he needed to outsmart the system. So, he took a course, which was too easy for him and he could pass the exam without attending the class. The course was The basics of SMM.

The semester was really hard. He had no time for anything but he was definitely sure that The basics of SMM wouldn’t give him any troubles. However, something went wrong…

When he came to the exam, it turned out that he wasn’t very attentive while enrolling the course. And SMM stood not for Social Media Marketing but for Single Molecule Magnet.

Let’s help Blahblah pass his exam and save his reputation:


Follow the link and do not forget to write your result in the comments! Wish you best! 🙂


  1. What a funny idea! Nice post. You have many talents.

  2. 7/8 · 87% erreicht
    OK, as a software engineer I think it is not that bad.
    Maybe I should change to physics. But always guessing is not the right way …

  3. 6/8 Haha, I honestly haven’t cheated! The test is smart, it was fun)

  4. Such a neat test! Well done!

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