When I was a child, I asked parents that “why is flying bird?” “Why is the sky blue?” and they said this could be explained by science. Science is a tool used for understanding the world around us. The more I understood that the more I was enjoyable, and this drew my attention to study in science. While I was studying science, I was working to seek for truth, based on observation, knowledge and experience. Luckily, I have gotten an oppotunity as a participant in the the summer student programme 2019 at the HZB. This program provides a great occasion to many students at my age all over the world to show their capabilities in problem solving, logical and critical thinking. Apart from learning and earning scientific experience, I have had nice friendship from foreign co-workers. This valuable experience will be always engraved on my memory.

Figure 1 The photographs of triple cation perovskite films on top of the metal oxide layers modified by alkali salt layers with different compositions.

In my project, the title is “Surface Photovoltage Studies of Metal Halide Perovskite Interfaces Modified by Alkali Salts”. The project is focusing on the effects of alkali ions on charge separation at interfaces with metal halide perovskites. An absorbing layer of metal halide perovskites prepared by a spin coating method is deposited on the metal oxides layer as an electron transporting layers. The interfaces between metal oxides and metal halide perovskites are modified by alkali salt layers with different compositions.

The samples are investigated by modulated surface photovoltage (SPV) spectroscopy which give information about charge separation and electronic states. It is expected to find conditions for surface of metal halide perovskite layers by alkali ions. The research topic is interesting for the development of solar cells with metal halide perovskite top cells on large areas.

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  1. Thank you for your nice post. Hope you had a lovely experience in Berlin. And maybe, later, you will produce great new stable solar cells…

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