Cross section view of the quadrupole resonator.

Superconductive materials, usually niobium, are used in cavities of particle Accelerators.  In order to measure some key parameters of niobium, such as surface resistance, critical magnetic field and penetration depth, at radio frequency( as particle accelerators are working in that range) a test setup is used, which is called as quadrupole resonator.  A superconducting sample is mounted to the test setup, quadrupole resonator creates the desired frequency and here with the magnetic field. In order to calculate those key parameters, temperature and dissipated power are measured. Later, those measurements are used to calculate and determine the key parameters with the help of MatLab. My project is based on enhancing the simulation to get more clear results.





Onur Galoglu

HZB-Summer Student 2017

the Middle East Technical University




  1. I got a bit confused. Of course, every project os complicated and it is difficult to describe it in such a short text.

  2. very interesting, i would like to hear more about it

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