Test setup for the measurement of the Quadrupole magnet.
Test setup for the measurement of the Quadrupole magnet.

Superconducting radio-frequency photoelectron injectors (SRF photoinjectors) are promising electron sources for high brightness accelerators with high average current and short pulse duration. The task of the GunLab facility is to ensure safe operation of the SRF gun, check the theoretical model for the beam dynamics by measurements and to find an optimum working point for BERLinPro. Data acquisition and analysis for GunLab is important to have a better understanding of the gun performance and the efficiency of the diagnostic tools. During this two –month research work, different experimental measurements were made for the dipole and quadrupole magnets and then coding, analyzing data with Matlab software to visualize these results and get informative graphs regarding the magnetic profile and calibration.

Nouran Bahgat
Nouran Bahgat

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Nouran Bahgat
HZB-Summerstudent 2017



  1. Very clear headline! And a good short description of your project: it is complex, of course, but you managed to give us a rough outline of what you are doing. Well done.

  2. Sounds cool 🙂

  3. what are the application of SYNCHROTRON RADIATION ?

  4. I found this work very interesting. And I would like to hear more.

  5. very interesting, i would like to hear more about it

  6. It seems really interesting, but I didn’t understand the part of the simulations hahahaha.

    I´d like to hear more about this

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