Many colleagues are currently working in their home offices, communicating by telephone, email or video conference. Nevertheless, we still miss meeting other colleagues simply in the hallway or in the kitchen. This is why we shift the kitchen conversations into the digital. Today we are introducing Roland Grapentin, who works in the department of internal services as a janitor or caretaker. What tasks do you have now? I have to coordinate a lot of things because there are still people working in the institute, for example for cleaning. I also have to take care of the room management, locking system and solve problems in  variousRead More →

Many colleagues are currently working in their home offices. However, there is a lack of opportunities to meet other colleagues in the hallway or kitchen. In our small series, we shift the “floor conversations” into the digital world. Today we ask Stefanie Kodalle who manages the office of the communications team at HZB. Where are you currently working from and what tasks do you have to complete? I have set up my workplace in the kitchen at the dining table. I am currently busy drawing up specifications and preparing tenders. I also collect offers and continue the ongoing administrative activities. But I also look afterRead More →