Many colleagues are currently working in their home offices, communicating by telephone, email or video conference. Nevertheless, we still miss meeting other colleagues simply in the hallway or in the kitchen. This is why we shift the kitchen conversations into the digital. Today we present Paul Goslawski. The physicist is working in the HZB Institute Accelerator Physics.

Where are you working actually?
At home under the roof on the southern outskirts of Berlin. The question should be – when? Usually very early in the morning – baker’s early – or very late in the evening, when our soon to be three-year-old son is asleep. During the day my wife and I keep our backs free for video chats with our colleagues. Our son learned very quickly new two-word sentences like: “Laptop away – laptop closed – no work !”

Do you see any opportunities in this Corona shut down?
Every time has its challenges and opportunities. Essential things become bigger, the egos become smaller. I am thrilled how reasonable and communal our society reacts to the pandemic.  Everybody personally, nationally, internationally, even all over the world – we the ‘Global Society’. Uncomplicated and acting!
There is a great opportunity for our digital communication to improve, for digital workflows to become better, and for efficiency in the “digital world” to increase in general.

What is proving to be successful? Do you have any tips for your colleagues?
Cooking together good food, eating together. Excursions and walks – get out into the fresh air. An own project, whether private or professional, I think that’s important.

What are you looking forward to most when this time is over?
A good “jousting” with family and friends! – until the bunk bed cracks*.

*Allusion to a song: Rangel Song- by Olli Schulz/Rangeln/Circus HalliGalli

Questions: Jennifer Bierbaum