Many colleagues are currently working in their home offices, communicating by telephone, email or video conference. Nevertheless, we still miss meeting other colleagues simply in the hallway or in the kitchen. This is why we shift the kitchen conversations into the digital. Today we are introducing Roland Grapentin, who works in the department of internal services as a janitor or caretaker.

What tasks do you have now?

I have to coordinate a lot of things because there are still people working in the institute, for example for cleaning. I also have to take care of the room management, locking system and solve problems in  various fields. As far as possible, I make the preparations for the days at HZB from home and keep in touch with my colleagues by e-mail or telephone.

What is the biggest challenge for you at the moment?

I find it difficult to adapt the usual daily and weekly routines to the current situation, both privately and professionally. The usual rhythm is already missing. Many things that went almost by themselves now have to be replanned. Since I’m not at HZB every day, but expect deliveries, for example, I have to make preparations and plan my working hours accordingly.

What do you use the time you save by often not having to commute to work?

I usually use my bicycle and public transport, and I also walk a lot at work. Now that the training has been discontinued, some things are upside down in my family. So the time saved is immediately planned again. Instead of travel time, more time is now needed for family and physical exercises.

What are you looking forward to most when this time is over?

I look forward to the end of the contact restrictions. It’s often the case that you only realize what you are losing when something escapes you. Stay healthy and keep your distance !

Questions: Jennifer Bierbaum