All summerstudents will present their projects in a conference at HZB Campus Wannsee on thursday 18 September. The conference will start at 11:00 with four talks. The speakers have been elected by the summerstudents themselves. After lunch, the poster session starts. Every student has prepared a poster presenting her or his project, the context, the motivation and what has been achieved during the two months project in summer 2017. An award is given to the best poster along criteria such as communications skills, layout and design, and – of course – scientific achievement.

11.00-12.00 Oral Presentations

13.30 -15:30 Poster session

16.00 Presentation of the poster award and Get-Together in Café Jahn.

All HZB scientists are cordially invited to attend the summerstudents conference.

11.00-12.00 Oral Presentations

Sara Bogojević
“Band gap engineering: how theoretical chemistry can lead to the perfect photocatalyst”

Inês Jordão Pereira
“From plasma plume to solar water splitting”

Konstantin Leškevič
“Invisible processes, significant value”

Norton West
“The next step in cybernetics”

Some of the most beautiful pictures will be (hopefully) presented and explained in the Poster Session.