A synchrotron light source is a source of electromagnetic radiation produced by a storage ring, for scientific and technical purposes. The major applications of synchrotron light are in condensed matter physics, materials science, biology and medicine.

Metrology Light Source(MLS) is a minor light source near BESSY II. It like a small replica of BESSY. Accelerator and us, just like patient and doctors. We need a stethoscope to know the situation of the patient. My work here is to develop a tool to monitor and adjust the chromacity of this storage ring. The chromacity here is not for the synchrotron light, it is a parameter to describe the electron-beam in the machine.

Do I really like working in research? I have asked myself for many time. Maybe… not. I have thinking about to quit. Many people change their profession after graduation. Nobody hate to earn more, right? But finally I persist. There is not a noble reason, just because I don’t know what I can do. I am 24 now and there will not be so much time for me to be a student. I want to find the meaning of my life in this last years. If I can make some contribution to science, that would be great. If I fail, just think I have made a good dream. It is too late to fight again!

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  1. I wish you good luck ! There are many ways to have a good life and do meaningful work, in academia and science, but also outside. It is good to ask questions, to find the right way.

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