Non-renewable energy has shaped the world along the past century, and distributed the powers and political blocs, and as a result contributed to the distribution of prosperity, perhaps freedom in regions, and misery in other regions. Will renewable energy reshape the world again?

Non-renewable energy is easy to store. In general, it is stored as chemical energy in oil liquids, natural gas, or even coal, but this ease of storage may not be in renewable energy so there may be another issue that will contribute to creating competition among the peoples of the earth and their governments, and here I hope that the competition will be positive and not related to political control; so the important question will be: who can store energy more efficiently?

Today I am in the HZB to conduct research in the core of energy storage procedure, and I am very happy with this title because I see it as the key word for the future.

I am working to raise the efficiency of lithium-ion batteries, and these batteries use in cellular phones, Laptops, Hybrid-Cars..etc

The lithium–ion battery is a rechargeable battery, notable for its high energy density. In my project the charge-discharge process of Li-ion batteries and the microstructural changes in their components should be investigated with synchrotron and FIB imaging.*

the multiple techniques used in my project guided me to think about integrity of science horizontally, and the dedication of scientists to accumulate these achievements vertically .

That idea (dedication of scientists) lives with me during my work in this research is the; If you take a look to the history of science you will notice that a significant part of researchers, especially those have the new titles and inventions, know that they may not get from the fruit of science during their lives. Many inventions or scientific techniques are fleeting through generations! I mean the dedication of scientists and their wider view of humanity; it is the accumulation of loyalty.

we are now comparing the peaceful intentions of scientists and controlling attitudes of politicians, and answering of energy storing’s question fairly as much as we can .!

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