Model Circuit

One of the components in a particle accelerator is the photo-injector. In this, the electron beam is generated, accelerated and focused. To achieve the focusing process a solenoid composed of superconducting material connected to a power supply in a certain way is necessary. In the assembly of the photo-injector for the bERLinPro project occurred an error in the connection of the solenoid. Creating an unknown circuit inside of a close system, with high vacuum. This circuit does not allow a process of stabilization of the voltage in not less than 45 min, when desired is less than one minute. In this project is intended to create a model circuit that is able to reproduce the measured voltages curves. And using the same model to reduce the time of stabilization.

The author:

Jesús Antonio Alba Cabañas

HZB-Summerstudent 2017

Physics student
Universidad de La Habana


  1. The headline made me curious, but then, I got a bit confused. And the picture is not really an eyecatcher.
    Maybe for the poster you can use more images, it would be good to see the whole component in order to understand on which part you are working on.

  2. I would like to hear more about that

  3. very interesting, i would like to hear more about it

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