1. Thank you for sharing your struggles with us and again, I like the way you are writing. The error statement “very ill-conditioned preconditioner” sounds funny to me. I do not have anything to do with simulations etc, but what does that error statement mean? Couldn’t the program handle the parameters or the values/input you gave ?

    1. Author

      That’s so nice to hear
      Simulation is about gaining knowledge of the physical phenomena happening through solving some fundamental equations. As real applications are so complex to be analyzed analytically, the structure is divided into very small sections/domains and software solve the fundamental equations numerically in each section with the aid of the defined boundaries and initial conditions.

      The mentioned error tells that the software failed to find a solution with the defined domains, boundaries and initial conditions. So, I need to enhance how the structure is segmented and the initial condition to find a correct solution.

  2. I really love it. Patient analysis of what has gone wrong is THE crucial part of science. Keep on improving the programme and we are eagerly awaiting your talk or your poster at the final presentation!

    1. Author

      Thanks, ARÖ

  3. Dear Alaaeldin Elozeiri, I am a kind of geek of the simulations. In my degree, I tend to work with Matlab and Ansys. I was wondering what module are you using.
    Best regards, Julio Guzmán.

    1. Author

      it is nice to find friends with similar interests ^^

      my problem requires to use two physics modules at least: one for the fluid flow and another for the electrochemistry study.

  4. This is another very interesting post from you. But I was wondering: what are typical parameters in these simulations?

    I really hope you find the right electrolyzer within the next four weeks. Good luck!

    1. Author

      Thanks, Max
      Each structure can be optimized mainly for its hydrogen production by controlling its geometric and operational parameters like the dimensions of the electrolyzer and its periodicity.

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