Al10Co25Cr8Fe15Ni36Ti6 alloy, as-cast. The interdendritic regions form a colibri shape. They are rich in Ti. Image taken with the optical microscope (Zeiss microscope Axiophot 2, equipped with a digital camera AxioCamHRc).

My project is to relate the heat treatment conditions of Al8Co17Cr17Cu8Fe17Ni33 alloy (which is called a “High Entropy Alloy”) with the hardness of it. It is even interesting for me too because these alloys present a new class of materials that present novel phase structures and properties, and it has not much usage area at the moment. So there is a huge world waiting to be discovered.

So, what is this HEA thing?

There is no universally agreed-upon definition of a HEA but the most agreed one is alloys containing at least 5 elements with concentrations between 5 and 35 atomic percent. In addition, later research expanded it to only alloys that form a solid solution with no intermetallic phases should be considered true high-entropy alloys, as the formation of ordered phases decreases the entropy of the system.




Arda Öner

Arda Öner

HZB-Summer Student 2017

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Student

Dokuz Eylul University






  1. Headline and image are spectacular and really intriguing! Also the caption is very good and informative. I wonder why your project has not attracted the maximum number of comments. Felicitations to this work.

  2. I would love to hear a more detailed explanation, sounds like a very cool project!

    Inês Jordão Pereira
  3. I have two questions about this, the general one is: what applications can we find to this alloys? And I would like to know what are you referring when you talk about “novel phase structures”.

    Well, I think it´s clear that I´m very interested in this topic, I would like to hear more about this. Very nice post

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